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Holiday Handmade Jewelry Sale! Sat, Dec 6th 2 – 5 pm November 30, 2008

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area and interested in some great deals on handmade jewelry, stop on by my home studio on Saturday, December 6th – anytime from 2 pm through 5 pm. I’d love to see you! And if you’re interested, I’ll even be making custom items on the spot for you or your loved ones!


Supporting breast cancer through Handmade Jewelry April 11, 2008

While everyone oohs and aahs over the fantastic, sparkly jewelry ūüôā – only some people realize that every handmade jewelry purchase from Romeo & Jewels benefits Vixen Racing’s “Racing Towards A Cure” foundation – which supports breast cancer initiatives. Over the years, Romeo & Jewels has raised and donated thousands of dollars for breast cancer research and community programs.

Why? Because I have a personal connection to breast cancer and believe that every little bit counts. In 2006, one of my favorite and sweetest coworkers, Helen (a cancer survivor!) and her team (The HK Belles) walked 60 miles EACH over 3 days in the 2006 3 Day Walk! I was so happy to be able to support her and her team – and she ended up having her biggest fundraising year ever!

Unfortunately, Helen had to sit out the 2007 3 Day Walk due to medical reasons – but I was happy to support my friend Marcia Daley and her team, Sisters with Purpose. We even had a jewelry sale in Marcia’s garden, with profits being donated to her team! I love feeling that every mile walked by my friends, and every dollar that I can help raise, brings us closer to a cure.

For 2008, we have an even more urgent fundraising challenge! My friend has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Trycia Lynn Carlberg is only 32 years old and is a small business owner, while having been a professional dancer/singer for over 14 years. With such an aggressive form of cancer, Trycia needs the best, most progressive treatment possible. Her friends at Stained Glass World, a youth charity, have organized a fundraiser to ensure that Trycia gets the best possible care – and I am doing my part to help. Each Romeo & Jewels handmade jewelry purchase will benefit Trycia’s “Angels 4 TLC” Foundation. You can read about Trycia’s story here. I would honored if you joined me in supporting Trycia’s foundation.


Handmade Jewelry Holiday Sample Sale – 12/8 November 26, 2007

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Just in time for the holidays, I’m clearing out a selection of sterling silver and it’s a great time to pick up some holiday gifts! Prices start at only $15!

Saturday, December 8th 10 am – 4 pm
$3 with RSVP / $5 at the DOOR
Fashion Co-Op Santa Monica
Santa Monica Civic Center
1855 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90401

To RSVP or to view more information about the sale click here.

Can’t make it? Click here to check out my website for more great jewelry. Please note that website items are not on sale and will not be at my December 8th sale.


Jewelry buying advice : 4 steps to the perfect jewelry gift! October 16, 2007

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Most of my customers love to buy my handmade jewelry for themselves, but I also get asked about buying jewelry for friends. While I LOVE giving gifts and pride myself on planning gifts the whole year long for my loved ones, I do understand how hard it is to pick something out for someone.¬† It’s especially hard for men to pick something out for their sweetie, family or friends – because they have never had the experience of purchasing jewelry for themselves. As a woman, it’s easier to put yourself into your friend’s shoes and get an idea of what they love, and I’m sure you’ve been shopping with your girlfriend and have an idea of their likes and dislikes.

Gold necklace with starsHere are some tips and tricks to ensure that you get the perfect gift! With these simple 4 steps, you can narrow down your jewelry choices to a few items.

Step 1. Think about their personal style. Are they trendy? Bohemian? Classic? Gauging their personal style will give you a starting point to start thinking of what kind of jewelry piece to get them.

Step 2. Determine what color metal they prefer and what size of jewelry piece they’d like. Think about the color of metal they choose (gold, silver or white gold), and the size of the jewelry you usually see them wearing. If your friend usually wears small stud earrings, they probably wouldn’t like large, swingy earrings. As well, if they wear delicate necklaces with small pendants, then you should probably start there.

Step 3. Decide what colors they wear most frequently and love. What colors does your friend usually wear? This is a great place to start narrowing down what kind of jewelry you want to look at. My friend Andrea loves blue and green and usually wears black or grey Рthat starting point gives me a good idea of stones to look at.

Step 4. Decide what article of jewelry they’d like : earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. Think of what you’ve seen your friend wear and which items they change out most often. My friend Yesi loves to switch out her earrings to match her outfits. Knowing that, I usually focus on giving her earrings in a¬†size similar to what she already has, but in a different style or with a different color stone.

There is one thing to keep in mind. Does your friend have a signature piece of jewelry that they always wear? Maybe a diamond pendant given to them by someone special? In that case, they probably never take that item of jewelry off, so it might be fun to get them something to accent it in a similar style. For example, my friend Hilary always wears a small silver garnet necklace and wears small delicate earrings. As a gift, I would give her small silver earrings with accents in a red color similar to the garnet necklace.

¬†I hope that my advice has taken away some of the anxiety of shopping for jewelry. Everyone loves to receive jewelry, especially when it’s obvious that you’ve taken the time to pick out that’s perfect for them! I hope that you decide to purchase a piece of handmade jewelry for that extra personal touch! If you don’t find anything that’s perfect, think about having something custom made. Please click here to¬†check out my site here for some options.


The Perfect Baby Shower gift! August 18, 2007

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Today, I’m going to talk about something a little different and off-topic. No handmade jewelry for today. ūüôā

I have a baby shower coming up for a friend, and I always agonize over the gift. I LOVE gift-giving, picking out that favorite gift that is a perfect match for the recipient. I guess that’s part of the reason I started making handmade jewelry, I wanted to create a perfect, personalized gift for my friends and family! If I saw something at a store, it was either the wrong color, outrageously overpriced or somehow just not right.

Jungle-theme diaper cake
Little Angel Cakes Jungle-theme Diaper Cake – how cute is this!?

I have, however, found THE perfect baby shower gift. You’ve seen these endlessly, on Sex in the City, in magazines and at high end stores. But what sets LaDiDaBaby Little Angel Cakes apart from the regular diaper cakes is the attention to detail and the level of personalization available! Traci, who creates the Little Angel Cakes, first asked a series of questions to determine the colors and design of the diaper cake, much like the questions I usually ask when creating custom jewelry for someone. For example, is it a boy or girl, what colors will the nursery and/or baby shower feature, is there a particular design motif you’d like to follow, etc. Based on my answers, Traci was able to source the perfect little accessories for my cake!

My friend Aleyda is due in October with a little baby boy, and she and her husband LOVE the ocean! They live in San Diego and try to hit the beach whenever they can. They are also focusing on the colors yellow, green and baby blue for the nursery, and the shower. Traci found the cutest little painted wood shapes featuring beach-related items like flipflops, a sun, a beach umbrella, a sandpail and a beach pail Рfortunately all within the chosen color scheme! To set off the color scheme, Traci picked out yellow and green gingham ribbon.

It all looks fabulous, it’s useful AND it’s original! I know that Aleyda and Jack will appreciate the time I took to find a gift with some meaning to them. Best of all, since Traci only uses rubber bands to construct the cakes, all of the diapers are immediately useable! Check out LaDiDaBaby at www.ladidababy.com.


What jewelry to wear with a Sundress August 11, 2007

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Barbeques, flipflops and sundresses are all quintessentially summer things! They’re just so easy – throw one on and you’re done! It’s an entire outfit in one – timesaving AND cute! So what jewelry do I wear with a sundress? A long necklace! It’s a perfect, modern and polished look. Best of all, it’s so easy to wear! I love the look of a cute black sundress with a long gold necklace, it’s just the perfect thing to set off your sun-kissed look.

long gold necklace with fireball

In these dog days of summer, the last thing you want to do is spend hours getting dressed. Throw on a sundress and pull that long necklace over your head, and you instantly have an easy and put-together outfit! My favorite necklace right now is my long tassel necklace in both sterling silver and gold-fill. I rotate them depending on what I’m wearing that day. The necklaces have a casual feel that’s perfect for summer, yet have this glorious touch of sparkle! Each necklace is 36″ long, so they look great even if your dress has a deep Vee neck. Take a look at more handmade necklaces!

Long silver tassel necklace with swarovski rondelle

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What is Swarovski crystal? August 5, 2007

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That’s a very¬†good question, and one I get quite often from customers.¬†The most common questions are : what is it made of, and why does it increase the cost of handmade jewelry.

Swarovski crystal is Austrian cut crystal produced by the Swarovski company, which was started in 1895. If you¬†have¬†seen high-end chandeliers, chances are that the crystals are Swarovski crystal. The difference betweeen a Swarovski crystal and regular cut crystal is instantly evident¬†upon¬†viewing them. The brilliance is like none other – it reflects light in a million different ways. If you like sparkly, this is definitely the way to go. The quality of Swarovski crystal beads is unmatched in terms of cut, finish and brilliance. If you view a Czech crystal bead, it looks rather “flat” by comparison. Cut is as important to crystal as it is to diamonds. A better cut diamond will always cost more – the same goes for a crystal bead.

There are many different colors and shapes of Swarovski crystal beads. One of the most recognizable colors is called Crystal AB or Crystal Aurora Borealis – which shines in many different colors of the rainbow. This effective is produced by a coating that Daniel Swarovski invented in 1956. In recent years, Swarovski has produced new coatings to achieve a similar effect – adding an irridescent silver, gold or rainbow coating to crystals. The earrings pictures below using the new Swarovski “Golden Crystal Shadow” color – which has an irridescent gold coating on a taupe-colored crystal. The crystal bead used in these earring is also one of the new Swarovski shapes introduced in the past couple of years.

Swarovski gold earrings

Swarovski continously updates their crystal bead selection, add new colors, limited edition colors and shapes. Sadly, some of the limited edition and older items are no longer available for sale – and are relegated to the “vintage Swarovski” realm. For example, the below necklace was crafted using a vintage Swarovski teardrop-shaped foil-back pendant, sadly discontinued many years ago. I only have a few left of these crystals.

Vintage Swarovski crystal necklace

For more Swarovski crystal handmade jewelry, visit Romeo & Jewels Handmade Jewelry

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